Chlorella Books
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The following list of books are all written about the little green algae, Chlorella. If you are keen in acquiring any of these books, just drop us a email, we'll see what we can do for you.

Health World Magazine: America's leading alternative health journal - Special Issue on Chlorella

Contains scientific reports,doctors' comments and users testimonials.


Gem of the Orient: The dynamic food discovery for health and healing by Bernard Jensen PHD (hard bound book)

Dr Jensen writes about Chlorella and his work with this little green algae.


Chlorella: Scientific Reports on Chlorella in Japan - Practicalization of Chlorella successful


Chlorella : The sun powered supernutrient and its beneficial properties by William H Lee, R.Ph., Ph.D and Michael Rosenbaum, M.D.


Chlorella - Natural Medicinal Algae by Dr David Steenblock, B.S, M. Sc, D.O President, Aging Research Institute



A booklet on Sun Chlorella's many products and also Sun Siberian Ginseng. (in Chinese)



Chinese book on Chlorella


Chlorella, the Emerald food by Dhyana Bewicke & Beverly A. Potter, Ph.D.


"Chlorella - Jewel of the Far East, A food algae for a nutritionally hungry world" by Bernard Jensen PHD

Chlorella - Jewel of the East is given free with every purchase of Sun Chlorella items



Written in Turkish Language



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