What is Chlorella?

Chlorella is a microscopic green freshwater plant. Its single cell structure is the key to its uniquely varied and concentrated supply of vitamins, minerals, protein and other nutrients. Because Chlorella is a pure, whole food, these nutrients are in the form and balance that nature intended.

Chlorella has more than 20 different vitamins and minerals and provides an abundance of naturally occuring beta carotene. Chlorella is 50-60% protein, is the highest source of chlorophyll and also contains iron, iodine, zinc and lysine. It contains more Vitamin B12 than beef liver: this vitamin is often lacking in many vegetarian diets.

How Does Chlorella work?

The synergistic effect of the many nutrients contained helps to balance and stabilize the body processes at a cellular level. By providing the body the nutritional and cleansing tools it needs to function at its optimum capacity and maximum efficiency, daily chlorella intake acts as a "tune-up". People take it every day to look and feel younger.

Will Chlorella help me lose or gain weight?

Sun Chlorella is not a diet product but many people tell us that when they take chlorella while dieting they often experience a higher level of energy and that they lose their desire for unnecessary snacks. As a whole food that contains 60% protein, yet only 12 calories per serving (15 tabs), chlorella satisfies the appetite while providing the energy that results from good nutrition.

Chlorella aids the digestive system through proper elimination while at the same time helping to revitalize the metabolism which results in better assimilation of the food you eat. So whether your goal is to gain or lose weight, chlorella can help balance the body so that a real and permanent change can be made in your overall health and weight.

Is Chlorella a replacement for my vitamins and minerals supplements?

We recommend chlorella as an addition to your regular supplement program, not as a substitute for it. This is because it can help you get more out of your other supplements. Chlorella also provides many nutrients not found in processed supplements, and contains them in their natural, most effective forms.

What is the difference between Chlorella tablets and granules?

Only the physical form and packaging - the price, potency and effectiveness are the same. Chlorella tablets are pressed from chlorella granules without the of binders, fillers or recipients. One granule packet is equal to 15 tablets.

Is Chlorella beneficial for body building?

Absolutely! The nucleic acids in chlorella have enabled this to rapidly reproduce and rejuvenate its own cells. When we take Chlorella, we are taking the nucleic acids that are responsible for this rapid cellular reproduction along with all of the supplementary nutrients required for chlorella's reproductive growth and maintenance of its life cycle.

What is Wakasa and why should I take it?

Wakasa is a concentrated liquid extract of the nucleus of the chlorella plant. Wakasa contains nucleo-peptides which is an essential part of building healthy RNA/DNA. Many nutritionists believe the natural quality of the body's nucleic acids (RNA/DNA) deteriorates quickly due to external sources like pollution, unbalanced diets and a lack of exercise all leading to premature aging and a less effective metabolism. To make matters worse, the production of RNA and DNA is naturally reduced in our twenties as our bodies reach maturity.

What is the difference between Chlorella and Wakasa and which product should I use?  

Chlorella is a whole food that is the source of a great variety of nutrients. Chlorella tablets and granules contain all of the nutrients found both in the nucleus and the protoplasm of the plant cell. The broken cell wall of the chlorella plant, present in chlorella tablets and granules, also provide a much needed source of dietary fibre.

While concentrated Wakasa contains only those nutrients found in the nucleus of the whole chlorella, it is at least 10 to 15 times the potency of whole chlorella. The recommended daily serving of whole chlorella tablets is 15 per day. Wakasa is the perfect compliment to daily chlorella consumption when your system needs a little more help.

Is it alright to take a larger amount of Chlorella and Wakasa?   

Yes - after you have gradually introduced them into your daily regimen. Many users report taking additional amounts of chlorella and Wakasa when their nutritional needs increase.

Can children take Chlorella and Wakasa while I am pregnant or nursing?  

Absolutely! Children under age fifteen should use the number of chlorella tablets daily that corresponds to their age in years. The suggested daily serving of Wakasa for children under fifteen is 1/2 fluid oz.

When will I notice the benefits from using Chlorella and Wakasa?

Many people feel healthier and more energetic almost as soon as they begin to take chlorella. Others may experience a more subtle change over a longer period of time. This is dependent on your individual lifestyle, overall health and physical condition.

So, don't be concerned if you don't notice immediate benefits from taking chlorella. As with any health regimen, it is consistent use of chlorella along with Wakasa, over a continued period of time, that is the key to achieving its benefits.

How can I select the best Chlorella and Wakasa?

The outer wall of the chlorella plant which protects its precious nutrients is naturally tough and therefore difficult to digest. So one of the most important factors in choosing chlorella is digestibility. Many brands claim high digestibility, but test after test in a controlled laboratory environment prove Sun Chlorella to be the most digestible product available today.

Sun Chlorella achieves this high digestitibility through its patented DYNO-MILL process which unlike other less effective methods, uses no nutrient damaging heat, chemical or enzyme processes. The result is a superior chlorella product that ensures the highest absorption and digestion.

Getting the best Wakasa is easy because only Sun Chlorella A produces this potent health elixir. It is available in Plum Honey and Apple Lemon flavors.

What is the difference between Siberian Ginseng and Korean Ginseng?  

Scientists classify common Korean Ginseng as Panax Ginseng, while Siberian Ginseng is a distinct plant species classified as Eleutheroccus Senticosus. Comparative analysis in the Soviet Union lead researchers to conclude that Siberian Ginseng shows higher biological activity, a wider range of effects and even less toxicity than Korean Ginseng.

Furthermore, virtually all Korean Ginseng is now cultivated, while nearly all Siberian Ginseng grows wild. Wild herbs are consistently more potent and effective than their hothouse counterparts. This extra measure of safety and effectiveness makes Siberian Ginseng a true gold standard among Ginseng varieties.

I have heard that Siberian Ginseng is an adaptogen. What is an adaptogen?

You've heard it right. Siberian Ginseng is considered to be the world's most powerful adaptogen. According to researcher, Han Selye who coined the term, and adaptogen is a non-toxic natural substance which can help your body adapt to the demands we place on our bodies. It promotes the body's normal healthy balance and energy.

An adaptogen is not a drug, is not habit-forming and is non-specific in its effects. It works with your body only as needed, so it's safe and effective for men and women to use daily

Can both men and women take Siberian Ginseng?

Yes. Although common Korean Ginseng is traditionally used only for men, Siberian Ginseng is suited for use by both men and women - even for extended periods of time.

Can I take Sun Siberian Ginseng along with Sun Chlorella or Wakasa?

Absolutely! Since Sun Siberian Ginseng, Wakasa and Sun Chlorella all work at the cellular level to help balance body functions they are a perfect combination.