"Chlorella - Jewel of the Far East, A food algae for a nutritionally hungry world"

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Throughout his professional career as a clinical nutritionist, the late Dr Bernard Jensen has devoted himself to the search for, study and use of whole, pure, natural foods in building health and making possible long, staisfying lives for those who follow the path of right living he teaches.

He has travelled extensively in over 55 countries in search of the secrets of health and long life, and his health-buidling program is well-known for its international flavor and orientation.

In the past few decades, Dr Jensen had devoted himself to teaching, writing and travelling. He is the author of many higly regarded books.

His travel, together with his own research, have turned his attention toward chlorella, an edible algae whose multiple health-building benefits have been researched and verified by scientists in many countries. Dr Jensen has enthusiastically added chlorella to his list of highly recommended nutritional supplements and regularly uses it himself.

Dr Jensen believes that a healthy food regimen for all humanity is one of the keys to international peace, harmony and goodwill.



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